Bareboat Charter Master Rank
(A bundle of 6 courses)

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Rating is 4.90 (based on 19006 reviews).

If you already have some sailing experience, then this is the best value starter bundle and you'll save $51.50 off the A La Carte prices AND get the interactive animated Electronic Navigation course for FREE.

You'll be awarded the Bareboat Charter Master Rank Level III when you complete all six sailing lessons enclosed and log 50 days sailing in our FREE online sailing logbook. This Sailing Certification and Rank is accepted by major charter companies world wide.

Bundle includes these courses (Click one of them to view more)

  • Skipper
  • Maneuvering Under Power
  • Bareboat Charter
  • Coastal Navigation
  • Anchoring a Sailboat
  • Electronic Navigation
  • Skipper Course

    Rating is 4.92 (based on 4109 reviews).
    A comprehensive sailing lesson for beginner to intermediate sailors on keelboats 26 ft (8m) and above. If you're wanting to learn to sail or improve your sailing skills then the Skipper Course is right for you.

    Estimated time: 20 hours.
  • Maneuvering Under Power Clinic

    Rating is 4.98 (based on 3528 reviews).
    An absolutely essential maneuvering and docking course that will save you thousands in dents, bumps and scratches at the marina. Want to dock your boat like a pro every time? Want to impress? Take the most popular NauticEd Sailing School Course now. 

    Estimated time: 3 hours.
  • Bareboat Charter Clinic

    Rating is 4.93 (based on 3269 reviews).
    Taking a sailing vacation? All hands on deck - this is the Bareboat Charter course for you and ALL of your crew. Make your charter sailing trip more enjoyable by getting ALL the bareboat charter tips you'll need. 

    Estimated time: 5 hours.
  • Coastal Navigation Clinic

    Rating is 4.80 (based on 3054 reviews).
    Learn to navigate your sailboat. If you plan on sailing off shore or are taking a sailing vacation, you need this course. NauticEd Sailing School makes navigating a sailboat - a breeze.

    Estimated time: 10 hours.
  • Anchoring a Sailboat Clinic

    Rating is 4.88 (based on 2510 reviews).
    Whether you are sailing your own vessel in coastal waters or chartering in the Caribbean or beyond, knowing how to safely and effectively anchor is one of the most essential and liberating skills you can have. Join Captain's Alex and Daria Blackwell as they pass on their vast practical anchoring experience to you.

    Finally, a true Anchoring Course!

    Estimated Time: 4 hours
    Investment: Only $17
  • Electronic Navigation Course

    Rating is 4.89 (based on 2536 reviews).
    Our Newest and most hi-tech course. Don't look like a clutz when randomly pushing buttons on your GPS and other electronic navigation devices. Get the simple inside scoop on how to make the best and proper use of these and understand the vast amount of useful information they present. Look like a champ rather than a chimp. This is the world's most up to date electronic navigation course. Estimated TIme: 5 hours Investment: $29 Introductory Price $25 (get it now)


  • There is no time limit to complete the sailing lessons
  • You can review the sailing lessons as many times as you like
  • You can make as many attempts as needed to pass the tests
  • If you've already bought one sailing class then you'll be given an appropriate credit

If you've ever wanted to take a sailing vacation to a Pacific, Mediterranean*, Caribbean (or beyond) sailing destination, then you simply need the Bareboat Charter Master Certification. Get it right here right now! Act now and get the world's best Electronic Navigation course for FREE.

*NOTE: For Mediterranean destinations, you are now required to have a government authorized sailing license as well as an acceptable sailing resume. There are three options for licensure:

  1. The ICC authorized by the United Nations under Resolution 40.
  2. The RYA Day Skipper (and higher. e.g. Yacht Master) authorized by the UK government.
  3. The NauticEd SLC. (Holders of the SLC are authorized by their own home country government which is acceptable to visiting countries. For example, for Croatia, the SLC license is listed on the Croatian list of acceptable licenses signed into law by the ministry)

This Bareboat Charter Master bundle of courses is a requirement to gain an SLC. For the RYA Day Skipper certificate/license you must do the RYA Day skipper online theory course ($394) (NauticEd offers this course) as well as complete a 5 day practical training at an RYA training facility. For ICC theory knowledge, you can do either this NauticEd Bareboat Charter Master bundle or the RYA online Day skipper course as an aid for the theory part of the assessment.

Today's Investment: $175.00 (Regular Investment $226.50)

Sea talk testimonials

I've been sailing for the past 45 years and now live in the caribbean. Every day I get free entertainment watching all the charter boats make basic/amateur and sometimes dangerous mistakes. If every charterer would take the NauticEd classes I would have to find another source of entertainment. Seriously however, thanks to NauticEd for educating sailors, it makes all our lives so much safer and easier.

Guenter H, Licensed Captain

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